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Doing it Differently

An Indigenized Approach

Founded in 2022, Turtle Island Law LLP has been founded by and for Indigenous people. Siblings, Jaden Bourque and Sharae Antley, established Turtle Island Law LLP with the intention of carrying on our family tradition of serving the Indigenous community. As such, we are thrilled to provide first-class legal services to our people with an emphasis on empathy, integrity, and innovation–guided by an Indigenized and Decolonial approach.

As Indigenous people immersed in the Canadian legal system, we are committed to disrupting the colonial approach to the practice of law, and Indigenizing the law at every opportunity. With this in mind, the change begins with the culture of our firm. Consequently, our firm is not profit-minded, patriarchal, and does not conform to hierarchical norms associated with law firms in Canada. Moreover, we choose to utilize an emphasis on remote work. 

Why remote? Without the overhead of a brick and mortar office, we are pleased to increase access to justice by passing these savings on to our clients, and to expand our reach beyond the confines of the greater Vancouver area and Vancouver Island. Please contact us to discuss your legal issue.

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